Kickin’ it off

In the spirit of RADICAL SELF CARE, I’ve been contemplating something – that a lot of men seem to be happier than women. “Why,?” I ask myself, “Because self, they do what they want when they want, and have absolutely no guilt about it.”  5111Here’s my husband, Jamey,  looking cute and happy, feeling no guilt about watching football for 4 – 6 hours straight. What?!

And another thing, what awesome multi-taskers we women are, while men do one little ol’ thing at a time. Women say “my husband is actually a better cook than I am when he cooks.”  Why? you might ask — because they are ONLY COOKING – and enjoying the process – and probably getting every kitchen gadget, pot and pan dirty in the process. But they’re present and in the moment. When we multi-task our brain “responds by producing a constant flow of adrenaline as well as other stressful hormones to try and keep you as alert as possible. Sooner or later though it gets on top of you and you end up feeling run down and ill.” Says Kurt Reso at . (BTW I watched The Bachelor, answered texts and interacted with my family while writing this blog.


And now (drumroll……….) for your Pinsprirations of the week:


Michael Kors why did I ever meet you?????purple tote Purple Ostrich tote!
Q: What do you do with a huge work bag after work? A: Take your cute matching pochette bag with your lipstick and cards out of the tote for errands and date night!bookmarks

Adorbs DIY craft that I feel compelled to do regardless of the fact most people don’t read actual books anymore.

 I’m always AHHmazed by celebrity before and afters. If the angry, anemic, unhappy woman on the left really is a V.S. supermodel, why couldn’t we…oh yeah, she’s 6′ tall and size 0. heidi

I now feel my pinterest addiction is justified.

Keep loving yourself cuz I already do (love you)! XO


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