Holiday tips

The holidays are all about sparkle and glitter. Break the rules and ride it like you stole it.










Your bra can be an accessory (as long as it’s pretty). I love wearing a dark bra under a white shirt. And it’s not an oops to show a bra strap if it’s lacy.


I’m so excited about a new journaling technique called “Art Journaling”. I have a woman who is going to teach a class for all of us in January if you’re interested as well. She would like for us to be thinking of a word we want to represent our intentions for 2015. We’ll journal around that intention.












Most of you probably have noticed that gold jewelry is coming back with a vengeance. You can deny it and ignore it and say you will never wear it but by this time next year — you’ll be wearing it – just sayin’.  To look current ya gotta get some. And layer it. Do it.

And lastly, remember you came into this world with a personality,  You were born with very specific traits, features and desires. Find them again and embrace them.












I love this photo. During some of the hardest days of my life, the sun on my face or shoulder coming through a window as I washed the dishes or folded laundry, felt like a comforting gesture reassuring me that I wasn’t alone.

Please let me know if there’s any way I can support YOU on your journey in 2015!



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