Five Things for Fall Fab

MAKE-UP TIPS- Ombre lips

Ever purchase a lipstick, only to get it home and hate it? If you said no  you MAY be lying! Thanks to us makeup artists who apparently have too much time on our hands, you now have a solution. Modify it. Too dark? OMBRE IT! Add some white pencil in the middle, or a touch of concealer and blend. One of the photos is a before and after of my lips. I didn’t love the color, it was bleh. Now I add a light GLOSS in the middle and a darker LINER in the corners. AWESOME sauce! One color is boring. THREE is the!



This will CHANGE your life:

Dry brushing. Hate your dry scaly legs? Don’t. Dry Brush. Using a natural bristle body brush, starting with your feet and working up, brush every stroke towards the heart. I seriously get like a like a pile of dead skin. Crazy gross but my skin feels like a baby’s butt after AND according to a study by Huffington Post, Dry Brushing is THE most effective treatment for cellulite. BAM! Did I just blow your mind?! (Side note: I use a brush that is pretty intense, too soft nets poor results)



I need these pumps like YESTERDAY! Suede everything is all the rage this fall. Ask me about how heals are taking my life to the next level next time you’re in.


 Oh, and skinny belts are the rule. Don’t break.


I hear this so often “I’m trying to grow my hair out but it grows so slow”. I find out they go in every 6 weeks for a cut and color. “But she only trims the ends”. Ok but if your hair grows 1/4″ in 6 weeks, you KNOW she cuts at least that much off. (I tried to do the math on how much longer your hair would be after a year if it grew a half inch every 6 weeks and she cut off 1/4″ but my head exploded. ) The moral of the story is this: Don’t cut it for a year and you’ll have long hair. It grows into a whole new hairstyle about every 8 weeks. This is science, geeks, proven by ME. Use REALLY good products, tho.

I’ve mentioned in past blogs how much I love oils for hair. I mainly use 3. Kenra has a thicker oil I use to get some texture, like on beachy waves. Surface has a much thinner oil that allows more movement, I use when I go straight. And my fav is Kenra Silkening Mist that’s light as a feather and adds shine without weight.

Word of the Week



On a personal note, I had something (someone) trigger this crazy insecurity that hadn’t reared it’s ugly head in a LONG time. I got pissed (cuz that’s my go-to emotion) then I scheduled botox. And finally I got quiet and analyzed why, what, who? It’s not always easy being married to a younger man, and I mean that in a LOT of ways :),  but confidence and happiness are magnetic and wildly attractive so let’s always unapologetically do what brings those forward and to heck with annoying women who try and put us down to lift themselves up. They don’t know what we know. When we feel great about what’s going on, on the outside, we feel more confident inside as well. AND, all of you guys are amazing, this I know cuz I know you!

Love you guys but I’ll love you even more if you tell people about me Xo Carla


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