An Invitation

I’m big on New Year’s Resolutions and every set of resolutions usually has a theme. 2011 was all about Simplifying, trying to make my life easier so I could focus on my family and my business.

abundanceAnd last year, 2013 was about Gratitude. When you’re in a state of gratitude, your attitude changes and your life begins to feel more abundant. We had a few hard years when the economy crashed so it felt really good to live in a state of – not only enough – but more than enough. Abundance.

This year I’m embarking on a new theme called “Radical Self Love”

Love yourself…and I would love for you to join me.

I think when we really love ourselves, we make it easier for others to love us as well. When we love ourselves, others recognize it and respect us more, treat us better and are drawn to us. We’re no longer victims, we no longer care as much what others think.

For me, what that looks like, so far, is wearing my seat belt, getting a monthly massage, coming home from work and instead of going immediately to the kitchen and begin the drudgery of cooking dinner, changing into something comfortable, making myself a drink, maybe even sitting down for a moment. It means “leaning back” instead of CONSTANTLY leaning forward, giving too much, trying too hard and putting everyone else first.

I would love to hear what “Radical Self Love” means to you. Please share your ideas and thoughts on this in the comment section below. Let’s support each other in loving our feminine selves no matter what your personal theme is for the year.

Love & Beauty – Carly

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