You say Chelate I say ruin

I went to a new hairdresser last week because I’m looking for someone who is close to my studio for when I start doing VIP One Day Makeovers.

His name is Phil Reynolds and he announced he was going to Chelate (pronounced keylate) my hair because of the awful buildup – presumably caused by Moraccan Oil which contains silicone and the expensive purple shampoo I had been using.

His sink is in the same room as the nail techs’ so my humiliation was shared and enjoyed by them. It took TWO chelating treatments to get down to “my real hair” so HE could get down the business of giving me a beautiful cut.Hair.1

The problem is, when your have straight, fine hair, you have to use tons of product to keep it from lying flat on your head. It’s slick and everything just slowly falls out of it.

I didn’t know why, after all these years, I could pull back my hair with a bobby pin and it would stay. But I was happy about it!

I now know it was because of “Awful buildup.”

This photo is not me, of course. Look at her! She has tons of body!

Yesterday, my dentist asked what I had done to my hair – because “it’s really… shiny”.

That’s code for flat, I’m sure. (She’s also my friend so she can insult me like that!)

She made up for it by commiserating with me about the uncooperativeness of “shiny” hair.

When I texted my saga to my bff, who just happens to have the super power of SUPER INTELLIGENCE, she replied: “chelate” is a chemistry term meaning to add chemical bonds.

All I know is that the build-up I had been working on is gone and all that’s left is shiny, healthy hair…

…and my next appointment with Phil is in 6 weeks.