New Year

I get so excited every year at this time. One of the things I’m committing to this month is going back to the Miracle Morning .


Nearly all highly functioning, successful people have a specific morning routine that sets them up for a successful day/career/life. When I am faithful to do the six steps, my life and mission seems to surge forward.

Another thing I’m committing to is Super Human Breakfast  by the wildly inspiring Laura Hames Franklin.



It’s a protein and fiber-packed savory breakfast that helps you connect with your inner body wisdom. Starting the day with  protein sets up our metabolism for the day and helps regulate blood sugar. It’s also important to eat it within an hour of waking up.

When you go through the videos [in the 5-day challenge], you’ll see that some of the sessions aren’t about food, but about subconscious shifting of relationship with food. FYI Costco now carries the fermented sauerkraut. I sometimes substitute chicken for eggs.

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My word for the 2017 is “miracles.” I’m more spiritual than religious and if you’ve seen the  movie “Miracles from Heaven” you see that there are little miracles every day we are oblivious to. Life looks different when you look for miracles. See the movie.

Please help me meet my business goal to add 10 new clients a week! That’s roughly 4 per month so we have to get busy. I love you and I’ll love you even more if you TELL PEOPLE ABOUT ME! – can’t wait to hear what you’re up to this New Year!


Brow Rehab


The 5 step program.



Getting your brows back on point can be painful. But the first step is admitting you have a browblem and walk away from the tweezers.

You’ll need to stay away from all temptation to wax, pluck or thread. In fact, don’t even get your nails done where you may be coerced by some overzealous nail tech trying to upsell an eyebrow massacre.

Surrender responsibility of your brows to a professional. (That’s me) I am the master. You are the student. Do what I say to experience inner peace – and beautiful brows.

1. Time to wait It’s the only way. The follicles need time to regenerate so you’ll need to give them at least 8 weeks. They’ve given up, they’re weak and pathetic. They’ve lost all will to live – AKA – failure to thrive. (It’s a brow thing.)



They’re going to bug you. Bug your mother or partner or neighbor instead.

2. You must give them a reason to live. Use a Brow and Lash enhancer such as Babe Lash to stimulate the follicle. (I happen to carry this!)

3. About 2 weeks into the process you will experience temptation to pluck. This is where the faint of heart will, well . . . lose heart. While you’re not plucking, this may be a good time to pick up another habit that doesn’t affect your appearance, specifically  your brows – such as hoarding or facebook stalking.


Draw the eye AWAY from your brows while you grow them out

4. Fake it til you Make it. Fill them in using a primer, powder , pencils etc. Have them tinted. Tint will pick up the fine light hairs and make them appear fuller. Wear red lipstick and a push-up bra.

5. In certain circumstances, I allow my clients  to pluck stray hairs near the eyelid but if you know you’re weak and may not be able to stop, just don’t – it’s  too risky.

6-8 weeks Congratulations! Time for the professional. Screenshot_20160724-170453_1Make sure she exaggerates the size. When my clients are going for the brow wow, I sometimes wax outside the lines for a while, or forever because brow pencils, powders and gels stick better to the tiny fine hairs than to wax-less skin.

Your brows are my passion so GET IN HERE!


Five Things for Fall Fab

MAKE-UP TIPS- Ombre lips

Ever purchase a lipstick, only to get it home and hate it? If you said no  you MAY be lying! Thanks to us makeup artists who apparently have too much time on our hands, you now have a solution. Modify it. Too dark? OMBRE IT! Add some white pencil in the middle, or a touch of concealer and blend. One of the photos is a before and after of my lips. I didn’t love the color, it was bleh. Now I add a light GLOSS in the middle and a darker LINER in the corners. AWESOME sauce! One color is boring. THREE is the!



This will CHANGE your life:

Dry brushing. Hate your dry scaly legs? Don’t. Dry Brush. Using a natural bristle body brush, starting with your feet and working up, brush every stroke towards the heart. I seriously get like a like a pile of dead skin. Crazy gross but my skin feels like a baby’s butt after AND according to a study by Huffington Post, Dry Brushing is THE most effective treatment for cellulite. BAM! Did I just blow your mind?! (Side note: I use a brush that is pretty intense, too soft nets poor results)



I need these pumps like YESTERDAY! Suede everything is all the rage this fall. Ask me about how heals are taking my life to the next level next time you’re in.


 Oh, and skinny belts are the rule. Don’t break.


I hear this so often “I’m trying to grow my hair out but it grows so slow”. I find out they go in every 6 weeks for a cut and color. “But she only trims the ends”. Ok but if your hair grows 1/4″ in 6 weeks, you KNOW she cuts at least that much off. (I tried to do the math on how much longer your hair would be after a year if it grew a half inch every 6 weeks and she cut off 1/4″ but my head exploded. ) The moral of the story is this: Don’t cut it for a year and you’ll have long hair. It grows into a whole new hairstyle about every 8 weeks. This is science, geeks, proven by ME. Use REALLY good products, tho.

I’ve mentioned in past blogs how much I love oils for hair. I mainly use 3. Kenra has a thicker oil I use to get some texture, like on beachy waves. Surface has a much thinner oil that allows more movement, I use when I go straight. And my fav is Kenra Silkening Mist that’s light as a feather and adds shine without weight.

Word of the Week



On a personal note, I had something (someone) trigger this crazy insecurity that hadn’t reared it’s ugly head in a LONG time. I got pissed (cuz that’s my go-to emotion) then I scheduled botox. And finally I got quiet and analyzed why, what, who? It’s not always easy being married to a younger man, and I mean that in a LOT of ways :),  but confidence and happiness are magnetic and wildly attractive so let’s always unapologetically do what brings those forward and to heck with annoying women who try and put us down to lift themselves up. They don’t know what we know. When we feel great about what’s going on, on the outside, we feel more confident inside as well. AND, all of you guys are amazing, this I know cuz I know you!

Love you guys but I’ll love you even more if you tell people about me Xo Carla


I’m Obsessed

Anastasia, THE original brow diva, has just come out with a new makeup line. The first new product she released is this flippin’ awesome Brow Pomade. It will change your life. You can find it at Ulta. If I could get it wholesale, I would carry it for you. That’s how much I love you.

anastasia 2

She also came out with this matte finish Lipgloss that I’m obsessing over.


Ulta hasn’t gotten it in and the stores that have it are sold out of most colors. When the object of my affection is unattainable, it’s a sign that my life will be empty and incomplete until I possess it. I could be feeling totally ambivalent about something until I try to add it to my cart and I see the words “Sold out” or “No longer available” — which triggers some sort of primal urge inside my brain that my ancestors must have used for survival. It screams “You must obtain this item at all cost.” I did. I won. Pictures of my lips wearing “Pure Hollywood” to follow.

I have fallen back in love with this Sanitas Eye Serum.

peptiderm 1

This serum has a high concentration of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle peptides. Peptides tell the cells what to do. They tell them to not “fire” and to “relax”. You can see my eyes still crinkle when I smile but then those muscles relax. It’s like botox in a bottle. Only $68 at The Glamour Geek.


I’m always obsessed with The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars and this time they rewarded my loyalty by bringing The Latest Bachelor, Chris Soules, also known as “Prince Farming” to DWTS. I have a hard time when the Bachelor ends. I feel like they broke up with ME. Continuing our relationship via DWTS  helps me transition back to reality. Here’s a photo one of the judges, the fabulous Julianna Hough, posted on Instragram of the lovely dress she wore Monday night.


I told Jamey last night that I have been thinking about cheating on him — by watching “Sons of Anarchy” without him. All he heard was “I’ve been thinking about cheating on you.” Which goes to show men hear a fraction of what women say. I can’t stop thinking about that Netflix series. It’s horrible and violent and there’s not even anyone I would ACTUALLY want to cheat on Jamey with in the cast. But I can’t stop watching.

Michelle Obama was on Ellen this week. When Ellen asked her what she’s going to do after the president’s term is over, she said she’s going to drive around with her windows down. She hasn’t been able to ride in a car with her window down for 7 years. And none of the windows in the white house open. That would feel like prison to us Colorado women, wouldn’t it? I told Jamey, when I can’t get out to see my horses, just put me down. I’ll be done with this world.  On that morbid note, probably from binge watching Sons of Anarchy, I’ll let you go.

It isn’t lost on me that most of this blog was about TV, btw.





Marsala is the new black.

In case you haven’t heard — Pantone has announced the color of the year and it’s —– Marsala. I hate to say I told you so –l but I DID call this one in the previous blog “Hot Tips”. I called it burgundy, they call it Marsala. Potatoes/potahhtoes. Get some!


For FabuLASHES one word – Babelash. It’ll change your life. I’m Ahh-mazed at how long my clients lashes have gotten using the Babe Lash Serum. Paired with the fiber mascara it’s crazy feminine. ($65 for the serum) The key to mascara is starting at the base of the lashes, using the tip of the brush to coat and define. If you get a clump, roll the brush to separate. I like to concentrate on the outer lashes, pulling them out towards the hairline. Try that for a more current, FLIRTY look.


When asked what makes women feel irresistible, the NUMBER 1 answer was — ta da — “PERFUME!” This makes me super happy because I’m SO over the no perfume trend. I would never douse myself before getting in a car with someone but come on. When did it become OK for women to not wash their hair for 4 days but wearing Channel no5 is NOT ok? (I speak the truth in love – if you sweat, your hair smells.) The number two answer, btw, was mascara. (See above)

I know I talk a lot about stuff that some would call superficial. And maybe appearance SHOULDN’T matter — but the truth is — it does. How you perceive yourself is how you present yourself to the world. What do you want the world to know about you? What are  YOUR unique qualities? I call this Personal Branding. The benefit of personal branding is really KNOWING YOURSELF and showcasing it in a way that attracts people to you in a positive way. Every element of your appearance gives others clues about how to treat you.  


Hot tips

Hello Hotness

1. There can only be one Beyoncé on you face – which means – to look current and awesome, you MUST choose between dramatic eyes OR lips. Nude lips are trending so you can really play up the eyes with lush lashes, smokey eyes and bold brows. If bright lips are your jam, use more neutral colors and moderation on the eyes.

(Side note, WordPress editor recognized Beyoncé’s name and added the symbol above the e. How cool is she?)

eceebf056469b557aac0bd6539a76d61[1] rachel-mcadams-pink-lips

2. Burgundy is the new black. ‘Nuf said. Get some.


3.  Shower at night. I see SO many skin issues that could be solved by thoroughly cleansing at night. Milia, congestion (black heads), bumps around the eyes and breakouts – all from trapped makeup, dead skin cells and oil. It also eliminates the need to blow dry your hair when you wash it at night AND you’ll smell awesome when you slip into bed with your honey.

sexy bedroom

4. Socks are the hottest accessory right now. You must wear them constantly showing above   boots, with heels and even sandals. It’s Crazy cool for us mile-high girls.



5. Slow down. Touch pause. Don’t hurry. Live elegantly.     


I’m out. Time for a massage.

Love, love love ya lovely – C

I’m Aliiiiiiiive

Hello Beautiful!

If you’ve ever been through dark times, then you know that when you finally come out on the other side everything seems so incredibly sweet. You no longer take your happiness for granted. That’s how I feel after coming through SUMMER! In the fall I come ALIVE! I emerge like a butterfly wearing a stylish scarf sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Here’s a photo of my kids and I from our awesome vacation that kicked off the end of summer. My mom was able to join us as well and was taking this photo. Jamey could possibly have been out hunting a cold beer.


As we dive into October, I’m re-emerging into the crisp fall light full of energy and a renewed excitement for taking on business coaching, feminine presence classes, wealth consciousness courses –  all while contemplating getting bangs! (Will I regret them????)


My life has upleveled in so many ways since I said YES to:

1. A house cleaner!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?

2. The Art of Feminine Presence 5 week series where I am learning to go deep inside and listen to my soul. I’m up to some big things in this world and I need to quiet the noise so I can hear the truth of what women need to show up powerfully in their beauty. 

3. Getting clear about my desires and what it will take to make them happen financially. The first draft of my money map indicated I’ll need to make $8111 per hour to live the minimum lifestyle I’ll settle for. (That’s an expensive one hour facial!) ? AmIright A few of the things I desire are – a Zebra, a regular TV spot for giving beauty tips, a mountain vacation home and a driver.

What do you desire?


4. A social life. We solo-preneurs get pretty isolated. We eat, drink and breath our businesses. I’ve neglected our social life long enough and it feels good to start accepting invitations again. I have 2 lunch dates this week – ok they’re business related – but still – lunch! I love lunch. It’s so Sex In The city.


5. Painting my nails again. Sally Hansen has a no-light gel that actually lasts a week. The girls and I paint our nails every Sunday night and it actually lasts until we take it off. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING STUFF! Get some.

What are YOU ready to say YES! to? Tweet me at @clongmeyer

Love you ALL. Be YOU tiful MmmmWah






Unapologetic Femininity

After being in Boulder, I feel the need to see women who are happy to look like women.afe8adf03004f6d1c450c7b6f8eec927[1]

Some of us were raised in families where men had all the power.

Athleta, FA12, Fall, New Zealand,Lauren, running, Lake Hayes, Queenstown

When women are in their feminine power, they’re unstoppable.


A lot of us were the victims of icky unwanted attention from men as children. We learned to dress down and hide our femininity.


It was a valuable survival skill. But we’re women now. Not victims. When we carry ourselves with confidence, no one messes with us. Doors open. Opportunity finds us.


Some of us were given the message that spending time on our appearance was vain, selfish, unchristian….  Nonsense.


Beauty is divine. Would the world be a better place if we all played down our beauty? Of course not.


Carrie Underwood is one of the most girlie girls I know. She fully embraces her fabulous feminine self.  She changed dresses 10 times at the CMA’s. How fun is that!?? My daughters and I delighted in every outfit. (As did Jamey, I’m sure!)


Are you uncomfortable with your femininity?


I would love to uncover the messages you were given and have bought into about beauty and femininity during a 60 Image Consultation.

In this session you will:
•Discover the #1 thing that will make you more confident about your appearance
•Create a sense of clarity about the kind of changes you are ready to make
•Find out what has been stopping you from having the results you desire
•Identify the most powerful actions to propel you towards looking and feeling your  best

Love & Beauty,


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Friday Faves

I love this website called  . Their motto is One Search. Any product.  Any store.  So When I was looking for a leopard print cardigan, I had around 200 to choose from.

This fabric should be your new BFF. It hangs nicely, and hides bulges.


My favorite blogger of the moment is Deanne Castro. Find her at Don’t you love how she takes photos of her outfits looking down – makes her look super thin. I’m going to insist that’s how everyone take photos of me. Just leave my face out.


If you’re looking for a REALLY good book, try Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I couldn’t put it down.

If you don’t have a highlighting pencil – get one! They are like 6 products in one. In a pinch you can hightlight the bridge of your nose, conceal under your eyes, highlight the inside of your eyes, line your waterline to make your eyes look bigger, blend a little into your lip color – just in the middle of your lips – to make lips appear fuller, and of course – highlight your bold brows by blending a little just below and above your brow.


Have you had a Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latte? I try not to do dairy but LOVE it for summer. AND it LOOKS like you’re drinking something healthy. 8b921db9b7e74d108996d726096a020a[1]

Do you love this wallet from ? It’s the space saver. They come in fun colors.

2014-06-20 10.06.09

Have a great 4th xoxoxoxoxoxo C