New Year

I get so excited every year at this time. One of the things I’m committing to this month is going back to the Miracle Morning .


Nearly all highly functioning, successful people have a specific morning routine that sets them up for a successful day/career/life. When I am faithful to do the six steps, my life and mission seems to surge forward.

Another thing I’m committing to is Super Human Breakfast  by the wildly inspiring Laura Hames Franklin.



It’s a protein and fiber-packed savory breakfast that helps you connect with your inner body wisdom. Starting the day with  protein sets up our metabolism for the day and helps regulate blood sugar. It’s also important to eat it within an hour of waking up.

When you go through the videos [in the 5-day challenge], you’ll see that some of the sessions aren’t about food, but about subconscious shifting of relationship with food. FYI Costco now carries the fermented sauerkraut. I sometimes substitute chicken for eggs.

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My word for the 2017 is “miracles.” I’m more spiritual than religious and if you’ve seen the  movie “Miracles from Heaven” you see that there are little miracles every day we are oblivious to. Life looks different when you look for miracles. See the movie.

Please help me meet my business goal to add 10 new clients a week! That’s roughly 4 per month so we have to get busy. I love you and I’ll love you even more if you TELL PEOPLE ABOUT ME! – can’t wait to hear what you’re up to this New Year!


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