Marsala is the new black.

In case you haven’t heard — Pantone has announced the color of the year and it’s —– Marsala. I hate to say I told you so –l but I DID call this one in the previous blog “Hot Tips”. I called it burgundy, they call it Marsala. Potatoes/potahhtoes. Get some!


For FabuLASHES one word – Babelash. It’ll change your life. I’m Ahh-mazed at how long my clients lashes have gotten using the Babe Lash Serum. Paired with the fiber mascara it’s crazy feminine. ($65 for the serum) The key to mascara is starting at the base of the lashes, using the tip of the brush to coat and define. If you get a clump, roll the brush to separate. I like to concentrate on the outer lashes, pulling them out towards the hairline. Try that for a more current, FLIRTY look.


When asked what makes women feel irresistible, the NUMBER 1 answer was — ta da — “PERFUME!” This makes me super happy because I’m SO over the no perfume trend. I would never douse myself before getting in a car with someone but come on. When did it become OK for women to not wash their hair for 4 days but wearing Channel no5 is NOT ok? (I speak the truth in love – if you sweat, your hair smells.) The number two answer, btw, was mascara. (See above)

I know I talk a lot about stuff that some would call superficial. And maybe appearance SHOULDN’T matter — but the truth is — it does. How you perceive yourself is how you present yourself to the world. What do you want the world to know about you? What are  YOUR unique qualities? I call this Personal Branding. The benefit of personal branding is really KNOWING YOURSELF and showcasing it in a way that attracts people to you in a positive way. Every element of your appearance gives others clues about how to treat you.  


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