Brow and Makeup Mastery

In this 7 day course, you'll learn how to master a natural every-day makeup look. The guidance you'll receive will empower you to start living your most beYOUtiful life!

What to expect:

This course will take place in a private Facebook group starting Sunday February 18. Throughout the 7-day course you will have access to the course content presented through a combination of prerecorded videos, homework assignments, LIVE streams and more.
In addition to the course content, you will be part of an interactive community of like-minded women where you can share your successes and challenges in the group and pick up some new tips and tricks from others in the class as well!

Day 1: Welcome
Day 2: Brows that WOW
Day 3: Foundation & Concealer - Creating a flawless canvas
Day 4: Subtle Smokey Eye + Applying false lashes
Day 5: Lips + Signature scent
Day 6: Body Products
Day 7: Live Q&A

Q: What if I miss a session?
A: Every session is recorded and you can find a replay in the "Events" section of the Facebook Group
Q: What if I don't even have makeup?
A: Carla will include a list of her favorite products to use and where to buy them.
Q: How long are the sessions? Every day sessions seems like a lot of information.
A: Each session will only last anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes. This course is designed to be given in small increments so each student can absorb the information of the day and practice the techniques. If you want to watch a particular session again and again, you don't have to stream through a lot of video searching for it.
Q: What if I feel I have a pretty good makeup skill set?
A: This course is so much more than just makeup, we'll delve into all sorts of beauty insiders tips and tricks you didn't even know you didn't know!
Q: What if I don't feel it was worth the money?
A: If, after completing the entire course and doing the homework assignments and posting the required photos, and implementing the skills taught for 30 days after completion of course, you believe the course was completely useless to you, you may submit an email eplaining why you would like a refund, we will return your tuition.